About Linda Sasser

My greatest personal joy is my family. My husband and I have been partners in business and in life for over 30 years. Together we’re the parents of three great kids. Our oldest is a new mom and teacher in California; our youngest is a student at the University of Georgia; and our middle son, Hank, is the namesake for the Hank Sasser Foundation, which we established in his honor to continue to pour into and invest in young leaders.

My greatest professional joy is helping individuals, teams, and companies maximize their strengths and grow as leaders. As the founder and chief executive officer at Impacting Leaders, my team and I have the opportunity to work with individuals and teams at all levels to improve engagement, lead more effectively, and accomplish their goals.

How did I arrive at Impacting Leaders? It has been a winding path, but each turn has allowed me to learn valuable business and leadership insights that I’m able to share with other leaders today. I’ve taught physical education to elementary school kids. I’ve owned and led multiple franchised staffing locations for nearly 20 years. I spent five years as a vice president in a multi-billion dollar organization in Oklahoma City, then I moved to Georgia to steward the John Maxwell business brand as the COO of GiANT Impact, and later as the president of The John Maxwell Company. God’s plan for my life has given me the opportunity to work in a variety of capacities in a variety of organizations with varying cultures, which has only reinforced my belief that leadership is not a technique, position or title.

I believe leadership is about who you are, no matter where you are, and it is the responsibility of current leaders to coach and develop each new generation. After all, leadership shouldn’t be reserved for top-level executives or those with a title but should be open to anyone in any role with a heart for influencing and serving others.

If you have a leadership-related topic you’d like me to blog about or if you just want to share your thoughts on leadership, you can e-mail me at Linda@leadershipwithsass.com, connect with me on Twitter, @LindaSasser, or send me a message on LinkedIn.