Unsinkable Leadership Lessons from the Titanic

If you’re like me then you’ve seen the movie Titanic more than once and, last night I found myself watching it again with my daughter, Jeri. It’s one of...
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Hour Glass

Was I Worth It? Three Questions Every Leader Should Ask

Was I worth it? This is such a powerful question. I guess my mind was reflecting on it today because it’s Easter.  I am a believer and follower of...
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Four Actions for Creating a Passionate Team

In my last post I talked about the power of passion. Today I want to address a question I’ve been asked a few times this week: “How do you...
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The Thing About Passion

It’s so fun and intriguing to see illustrations of leadership, good or bad, happen around us everyday! I don’t look for them, but I seem to laser in on...
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