Getting the most from your reading

If you read a book from cover to cover, but don’t take the time to really think about, revisit or share what you’ve read, you won’t maximize your full potential in living out the leadership principles you just learned!

Here are a few action items that I recommend the next time you tackle a leadership or business book.

  • Underline and write throughout your book. Mark up, circle, and star what resonates with you so you can quickly return to it later. 
  • Write quick thoughts in the margins and crack of the book. Write things that remind you of a time when you experienced what the book discusses or what you need to take action on.
  • Turn down pages that you want to go back and re-read.
  • After you finish the book, go back and re-read the pages that you turned down. Read what you marked up and wrote in the margins. 
  • Share your book with a teammate or significant other. Let them read what you wrote, so they can see your passion and important points.
  • If the book is good enough, read it with your team or book group. Encourage others to live out what they learned in the book!