Scott Thomas,

“We partnered with Impacting Leaders to help our newly-formed leadership team work better together and to help unify our growing company where many departments worked in silos. The positive impact that Impacting Leaders has had on APMEX cannot be understated. Through individual coaching, teaming sessions, and customized all-employee trainings, our leadership team and our individual departments are now working together cohesively, helping us achieve long-term stability and improve our profitability.”

“In regards to our leadership development and engagement, Impacting Leaders has been key in helping align our facility’s leadership team so we can be more effective as leaders leading leaders. They began working with our local executive team, but once we recognized additional needs beyond this level, they incorporated two additional layers of leaders into our program. They have tailored their program to meet the specific facility goals and objectives we want to accomplish, and they are quick to adjust and flex how they serve and support us based on our changing needs. Impacting Leaders’ expertise and business acumen have helped our plant make significant strides in areas where we need and want to grow.”

“Impacting Leaders came in and assessed our situation thoroughly. We have three distinct units/brands and each has its own set of leadership traits, both good and bad. Linda and her team sat down with us and crafted a unique plan for each of the groups. There was no cookie cutter approach. One group needed general/theory management training as they were young and inexperienced. One group needed to bond, communicate and learn to work as a team. The third group had some structural issues and change management was the priority. The diversity in the approach was second only to the effective manner in which Impacting Leaders came in after the assessment and got results.”

“Today’s executive faces challenges like no other time in history. The agility, mobility, and integrity of that executive is faced with challenges requiring that executive to stay one step ahead. Linda and her team know this and are at the top of my short list of partners I tap into for leadership development and organizational change. The success of our teams is made possible by the expertise and experience of her team. The journey at times has been long but we’ve wrestled it arm in arm with Impacting Leaders and Linda.”

“The staffing industry is a very metrics-driven industry, but numbers aren’t the primary motivator for me or my team. Linda Sasser took the time to understand what really motivates us, and then she helped our team improve our productivity and accountability by coaching us on using things like our standards and our non-negotiables as motivators. When you are inspired to do what you enjoy and what matters, the numbers will follow. Impacting Leaders and Linda Sasser have helped our team work together better and achieve that next level.”

“Linda’s ability to connect with both leadership groups and individuals is outstanding. She has the rare ability to directly challenge a person’s perspective or understanding in a way that causes the individual to respond positively instead of defensively. Linda’s leadership and coaching was instrumental to my own career growth and development and I always enjoyed our executive coaching sessions. I deeply respect her and the work she has done. My leadership team in particular benefited from the approach and dialogue that Linda and her team brought to us. Through leadership events and individual coaching sessions, our group grew from individuals who worked together into a cohesive, dedicated team. Our success through turbulent times while transitioning a business can be directly attributed to the time dedicated to us by Linda and her group.”