Live-It-Out Leadership

Leadership is more than knowledge.

It’s more than experience. It’s more than a title or a corner office. It is more than education or an impressive résumé. It’s more than good looks and a great personality. Leadership is more than exceeding the status quo. Leadership is more than just talk.

Leadership is influence. Influence demands action. And action requires you to live out the leadership principles that guide your decisions and your life.

Live-it-out leadership is exactly what Leadership with Sass is all about. It’s about confronting our weaknesses, maximizing our strengths, and growing leaders at all levels who understand the joy and the sacrifice that comes from authentic leadership. After all, we’ve all experienced how everything rises – and falls – with leadership, and how the results don’t always have a storybook ending.

I hope this blog will challenge, support and inspire you in your leadership walk. But I also want to provide you with more than just food for thought. I want you to join me as we honestly assess our roles as leaders and the influence we have on the lives of those we lead.

If you don’t want to risk having your idea of leadership disrupted, then this blog might not be for you. But if you’re ready for the challenge of being a leadership practitioner, then join me each week as we discuss what happens when our knowledge of leadership theory intersects with the demands of our reality – in our workplace, in our community, and at home.