Top Picks in My Leadership Library

My leadership team and I are currently reading The Advantage, by Patrick Lencioni. This is a great book to read and study with a team.

Now, I’ve been reading about leadership for over 20 years, so I have just a few books I can recommend, but do note that my two recommended reading lists below aren’t called “Books YOU Must Read.” I wouldn’t suggest you read a book just because I connected with it.

In fact, my favorite books vary based on where I’m at in my leadership walk. I seek out books that provide wisdom or solutions that I need during a particular time.

So, my recommendation to you is that you match your reading with your season. I hope that I’m able to help you assess which ones might benefit you most depending on where you are as a leader.

Leadership books by my favorite author, John Maxwell

Other favorite leadership books that have impacted my walk

Getting the most out of your reading