Four Gets to Not Forget in Adversity

You get what you get, right? We are all ordained, but sometimes it’s confusing to know when and if we are on the right track. No matter where we find ourselves in life, we are there for a reason, and I’m hopeful the reason is worth it. We may not know why today, but I believe in time the reason will show itself. Life is a journey, or life is a highway, as Rascal Flatts claims. Either way, I know that sometimes we get blessings, and other times we get lessons; the lessons are designed to prepare us for future blessings. (more…)

Do you fight the process that you are going through because it’s painful? I had a good example of this happen to me last week. I had a massage. It didn’t take but about three minutes for me to realize that this wasn’t going to be one of those “relax and go to sleep” massages. No, there was some tension that needed to be worked out.

Now, please understand my intentions: I wanted to be fixed. I wanted the results that I know come from relaxed muscles, and I wanted to feel better. But when Kat (my masseuse) started the process that it takes to get to that place, I found myself fighting it. I was in pain, and I didn’t want to go through further pain.

In that moment, I just wasn’t willing to endure the pain that it was going to take to ultimately get better. I wasn’t submitting to the pain or moving with it. I was trying to block it. Wow, what a simple illustration for how we often react when we are faced with adversity or an unwanted change. Here are a few thoughts that came to mind as I reflected on my experience. (more…)

A couple weeks ago I was interviewed by Working Motherhood, and our interview went live this past week. I have to admit I was nervous as I prepared for this conversation. I was going to open up and discuss being a mother and business woman, a topic that I’ve always loved to talk about and have a lot of experience in. However, I knew the interviewer’s questions would demanded answers that were so different from my past answers!

The simplest question, “Tell us about your children?” broke me out into a cold sweat. (more…)

Adversity… the space where God does amazing things in and through us. It’s motivating to me that the word “adversity” starts with “ad.” It makes me realize that when adversity hits us we become an ad, an advertisement, a commercial. What message are we sending when adversity hits us? Are we advertising something others will want to read, want to follow or want to buy into? Or is our message driving others away?


“Stubbornness is a virtue if you are right.” – Tony Dungy

I really like this quote because it highlights the other side of what we often immediately consider a negative trait! Of course, there are many instances when stubbornness can get in the way of our productivity and progress, such as when we’re not willing to explore other viable options or when we’re unwilling to admit when we’re wrong. However, there are many instances when being stubborn is exactly what is needed. Here are some examples:

  • When you won’t compromise your values and beliefs.
  • When you choose what’s right over what’s popular.
  • When you don’t give up, even in the face of adversity.

As Tony points out, in the right circumstances stubbornness doesn’t mean we are unwilling to budge. It means we aren’t willing to negotiate on what we know is right.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to return to my alma mater, Oklahoma Christian University, and speak to their business undergrads on the top five things I wish I would have known when I first started out in the business world.* No matter where you are in your leadership walk, your ability to “live out” these five things will impact your success and influence your passion for what you do. (more…)

Adversity, in spite of how uncomfortable or downright difficult it makes our lives, has a way of instantly refocusing our attention on what we believe really matters. I know when I go through adversity, I’m more focused because I have less choices. The path is narrow and forced because there really aren’t any alternatives.

On the other hand, prosperity offer a much wider, more comfortable path with many, many choices. And often, in times of prosperity, we allow our top priorities to become optional. These things that sustain us in our adversity no longer seem essential with all the comfort and (false) sense of security that prosperity brings. (more…)