Check Your Ego, Please!

Last Sunday evening I was watching the Olympics figure skating team event when Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko stepped onto the ice. Evgeni is known as his country’s greatest male figure skater, and this is his fourth Olympics.

As Evgeni performed, one of the commentators said something that caught my attention. She said that Evgeni Plushenko was so great, he had earned the right to be arrogant. (more…)

Pride. Some view it as arrogance, while others see it as confidence. Some say it’s a necessary leadership trait, while others believe it’s a characteristic we can all do without.

My question is, “What impact does pride have when it comes to our leadership walk?”

Pride keeps us from being our authentic selves. When we are concerned with projecting or protecting our pride, we put up a barrier between us and others so they can’t get too close or see the real us. Authenticity is one of – if not the – most appealing traits of a leader. Pride prevents us from being authentic, and your team knows when you’re being authentic. (more…)

Showing confidence while you lead is extremely important. I’ve found there are two types of leaders when it comes to how they express their confidence.

  1. A Confident Leader – This type of leader shows their confidence on the outside with their presence. It’s how they walk into a room, the tone and words they use, and the power
    they possess.
  2. A Leader with Confidence – This leader shows their confidence by their humility. They give power away by empowering others and they are okay not being the smartest person in the room. Their tone and words impact and inspire others.

Some might think this second type of leader is weak because they show their vulnerability. However, it’s just the opposite; it’s their healthy level of confidence that allows them the courage to show all of who they are. They don’t hide behind a confident outside. Others benefit from knowing and experiencing all of them.

Confidence only on the outside is arrogance. This type of leader can be seen as a pretender, which will lead followers to want to relocate themselves in search of different leadership. (more…)