Don’t Let Pride Hold You Back

Pride. Some view it as arrogance, while others see it as confidence. Some say it’s a necessary leadership trait, while others believe it’s a characteristic we can all do without.

My question is, “What impact does pride have when it comes to our leadership walk?”

Pride keeps us from being our authentic selves. When we are concerned with projecting or protecting our pride, we put up a barrier between us and others so they can’t get too close or see the real us. Authenticity is one of – if not the – most appealing traits of a leader. Pride prevents us from being authentic, and your team knows when you’re being authentic. (more…)

I’ve blogged about my perspective on a leader’s mask in the past. Although authenticity is one of the most essential and admired leadership traits, there are times when the leader must wear a mask to protect the team from bearing a burden that is the responsibility of the leader to bear.

However, too much masking and the leader can come across as a pretender. So, what should a leader mask, and what should they openly share? (more…)

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I can only take looking at streaked and water stained windows so long, and my tolerance was at its end. So this weekend, on a whim, I geared up with last week’s newspaper and a bottle of Windex and prepared to attempt what few seek out to do… clean windows. I only needed to clean a couple of windows, but my Maximizer strength kicked in and before long I had all the windows facing the front and the side of the house cleaned inside and out!

How did such a small project lead to such a large undertaking? Well, I made a rookie window-cleaning mistake. (more…)

Good food for thought from one of our emerging leaders!

At work, I’m known as the go to person for helping communicate what needs to be shared – both the good and the bad – with fellow employees, customers, and just about any other audience. Such was the case a few weeks ago when a teammate asked me to review an email she had drafted to share her frustration with another teammate. I made the usual tweaks so that the intended message was clear and direct without being harsh and offensive.

When I sent the newly revised email back over, I jokingly remarked that I needed to learn to take this same diplomatic approach with my husband! She replied that if I ever got that mastered, to coach her on that as well. We both laughed.

But our short exchange made me wonder, why don’t I approach all my relationships with the same patience, understanding, and thoughtfulness that I apply at work? (more…)

A few weeks ago I discussed one of the most important characteristics of a leader: authenticity. Yet authenticity isn’t just a necessary trait of leaders. It’s something we need to see in our teammates at every level.

So, what do authentic teammates look like? And just as importantly, what do pretenders look like? Today, I want us to do a gut check and examine if we exhibit some of the most important characteristics as contributors to our teams, or if we might bear some traits of a pretender who talks a good game, but refrains from living it out. (more…)

I recently interviewed a young woman for a job opening. While I liked her, I felt like I wasn’t connecting with her. It seemed like she was hiding behind a false sense of confidence and answers she thought I’d find impressive. So, I decided to get real with her.

“I can’t figure you out,” I said, to which she immediately responded, “Well, I’m scared to death and I’m intimidated!”

My reply might sound like something your mother might tell you. I told her that she should stop trying to interview as if she were someone else. She needed to be herself. I wasn’t trying to understand her skills; I can teach her how to do the job. I was trying to find out who she was as a person because I’m trying to find the right person to join our team.

This interaction reminded me of the importance of being authentic. (more…)