Leading Through Maternity

In last week’s blog, Guess What? I’m Pregnant, we discussed the benefits a company could experience when their women leaders choose to have babies during their career. This week I wanted us to hear from two businesswomen who have successfully led within an organization while starting a family in the middle of their leadership career.

Meet Maurissa and Cathy, two leaders in the middle who started motherhood around three years ago. Both of these women have had their second baby within the past year, and both are still leading others in a thriving career!

I’ve had the pleasure of leading both Maurissa and Cathy. They are strong producers who were busy leading their departments when they chose to start their family. I’ve asked them to share their tips for preparing, departing, returning, and having the right mindset for maternity leave. The following tips are an accumulation of their valuable feedback. (more…)