3 Ways to Grow with Impacting Leaders in 2018

Yes, I know we haven’t made it through Christmas yet, but I can’t wait any longer to tell you about three great opportunities that you, your team, and even your clients and prospects won’t want to miss through Impacting Leaders! (more…)

In today’s world, or at least in the United States, most of us want to live in comfort! We want comfy homes and comfy cars and comfy clothes. We enjoy comfortable friendships and we like feeling comfortable in our jobs. We equate comfort with stability, harmony, and contentment, and who doesn’t want that?

There is, of course, such a thing as too comfortable. When we are too comfortable or when we value comfort too much, we become complacent and resistant to anything that threatens to lower our level of comfort. These include: (more…)

Leading to the conditions is essential to being an effective leader in every situation. When we lead to the conditions, we adjust our leadership style and tactics to meet the demands of the current reality. This means we lead new teams differently than established teams. We lead top performers differently than we lead low performers. We lead differently in profitable times than we do in difficult times.

We all have our niche where we’re most comfortable leading from, but effective leaders learn to ebb and flow to accommodate what and who they’re leading. If you don’t learn to lead to the conditions, especially in challenging times, then the conditions will end up leading you. (more…)

You’ve heard the reasons before. We already bought the software. We’ve invested too much time. We’ve spent too much money to turn back now. The decision has been made.

How many times have you crammed a decision into implementation even when you know it’s not the best decision…simply because you made the decision? (more…)

If you lead people, you know that at some point or another a teammate is going to leave. If their performance and commitment were lacking, it’s probably a good thing. If they were a top performer, then you’re likely quite bummed to see them go.

Regardless of why they left, once they permanently step out, you as the leader have to step it up. (more…)

In the past month, I have had a lot of people in my business life hit with the challenge of change. Not the exciting kind of change that we get to control, but the scary uninformed change that was forced into their journey. (more…)

Should the principles of leadership change over time? Should each new generation of leaders redefine what leading is? It is my belief that the principles should not, and need not, change. Leadership strategy and navigation techniques will change as the conditions demand, but sound principles of leadership do not change over time. What does change, however, is the person who is responsible to lead with those sound principles. (more…)

Most growing organizations, especially entrepreneurial ones, have two distinct generations that reside within them – and no, I’m not talking about Baby Boomers and Generation X or Xers and Millenials. I’m talking about growth generations – namely your Legacy group and your Accelerate group. (more…)

When something’s broken on our team or in our organization, we typically look beyond ourselves for the fix. We want our leader or our leader’s leader or the leaders at the top of organization to Do Something.

In fact, we often spend so much time and effort trying to get other people to do things differently and fix the issues they are having that we fail to notice that nearly every challenge we have within a company can be resolved if each of us takes responsibility to first make it right with ourselves.

Sound too bold? Think about it. (more…)

Have you ever had a job that you were so good at you couldn’t advance beyond that position? All too often great performers get “stuck” because they’re so great at what they do, their leader doesn’t want to lose them. Instead of top performers being rewarded with a bigger position and more responsibilities, they end up getting “punished” for their great performance by not being allowed the opportunity to move up.

If you’re a top performer who feels stuck, here are four actions you can take to help you (and your leader) create an opportunity to move on:

  1. Don’t be a lone ranger. Start now by making the time to teach someone else in your area how to do your job so that your boss doesn’t have to bear the burden of finding and training your replacement. Do it on your own time. Share your job more so that you’re not always the only one doing what you do. (more…)