Does Your Team Feel Like a Burden?

Performers hate being burdensome. Most will go out of their way to avoid feeling like they are inconveniencing or saddling their teammates or leader with problems or projects.

Yet, many times we make our teammates feel like they are a burden by unintentionally communicating that we are too busy to serve them or too important to serve at their level. (more…)

I love chaos. Every business I’ve been associated with has grown during chaotic times. I remember accepting a job because the company had a mess. Over time we moved from messy to chaotic to a team with momentum. I realize that many people are uncomfortable with chaos, and like anything, if overdone chaos can turn into long-term confusion and disarray. However, even then it isn’t that chaos is bad; it’s that it hasn’t been managed or led. It’s like a spirited and rambunctious child who needs parenting.

Leaders gather momentum from chaos. They run with it, develop it, grow through it and assess teammates during it. Some of my best up and coming leaders got their chance to grow during times of chaos. Good leaders learn how to bridle and manage the process of chaos. Once tamed, chaos transitions into momentum.

So how can we discipline chaos without snuffing it out? (more…)