People Are Always Listening (and Learning)

What if the people you lead could only grow based on what they heard you say to others? What if people adopted the mood and outlook of your Facebook or Twitter posts? What if your teammates learned about your leadership philosophy not by what you said to them but by what you said to others when you thought no one else was listening? (more…)

Confidence and competence: both are essential to our success as leaders. A person can be really good at what they do in part because they are so confident in their abilities and in their plan to move forward.

On the other hand, you can take a person who shares the same level of competence – they have the same skills and strengths – but they lack the confidence. This lack of confidence will limit what they accomplish. (more…)

Imagine a workplace with no more rigid rules or stringent policies! What if we didn’t have to consult an inch-thick employee manual before taking time off, using the company car, or submitting expense reports. Some of you might be thinking, “That’s insane and impossible!” But in reality, a policy-free (or at least policy-few) workplace should be a completely rational idea.

Policies are only created due to someone not having Character, Common Sense or Care for others. (more…)