Are you Building a Legacy or a Résumé?

I’ve written on legacy before (Will Anyone Miss You? Live Out Your Legacy and How to Build a Legacy of Leadership), but today I’m prompted to write on it from a new point of view. I’ve always wanted to live a life that has a lasting legacy, but of course I don’t get to decide that. That is for others to determine.

I have recently been exposed to dealing with legacy from a different angle. Instead of passionately pursuing a legacy to leave, I have been inspired to continue a legacy of someone who has left. Until we get to experience this side of legacy, I don’t think we understand the magnitude of it.

Legacy is the lasting extension of who we are today. Our legacy is carried (or not) and continued (or not) by others. Many people retire, relocate or even leave this earth with only a résumé and no legacy. So what’s the difference? What do we have to do to create a legacy that keeps on living versus a résumé that just says I was here? (more…)

How do we secure contentment? Is being content a goal? Is it a destination, or is it our journey? Don’t we all want to be content? Is contentment a reaction to good things happening in our lives, and if so, can we be discontent when bad things happen?

As a woman of faith I know that my Heavenly Father desires me to be “content in all circumstances.” Yes, even the bad. Ok, wait. Really? How can we possibly expect to be content during tragedy?

Well, we can. You see, being content doesn’t mean we are satisfied. Being content means we are uncomplainingly accepting on the inside when things on the outside demand otherwise. (more…)