Leaders Are in the Weed Wacking Business!

Getting “out of the weeds” is probably one of the most coached subjects I have with executives. It is when a leader gets too involved with the details of their business when they should be letting their employees do it. It is so tempting to get in the weeds. Why not? We built our business in the weeds, didn’t we?


In the past month, I have had a lot of people in my business life hit with the challenge of change. Not the exciting kind of change that we get to control, but the scary uninformed change that was forced into their journey. (more…)

Today’s post is by ML Hubbard, one of our Emerging Leader bloggers. I love her passion for leadership!

Power. Control. Mine.

We’ve seen it happen to the best of them haven’t we? From the extremely witty Marvel villain, to the money driven investor, to the yacht owning CEO – power and control have been their demise.

It starts out as something so simple. A success. A compliment. A promotion. And before too long what was just an attempt to prove one’s worth in the world becomes a sense of entitlement and drive.

I work at a fast paced company. There’s no time to stop and smell the yellow roses (that’s for all you Texas readers). Not only is there no time for a light stroll; there’s no room for those who lack competence. It sounds harsh, but it really isn’t. We’re in the business of developing leaders, and competence is a key characteristic that is needed to get that accomplished.

The only problem with that sort of mindset is that it can at times produce driven—while capable—self-sufficient leaders. And this can be a good thing gone bad.

Leading in the middle is difficult. Embracing a call to emerging leadership can be treacherous, confusing, challenging, and overwhelming, yet what an amazing opportunity to display control and power at its best. (more…)