Who Believes in You?

I was reminded about the strength of “belief” during the Olympics this past week as the media reminisced about Kerri Strug’s incredible vault when she stuck her landing on an injured ankle, securing the gold for the USA women’s gymnastics team in 1996.

I love listening to Bela Karolyi’s words to Kerri, “You Can Do It! You Can Do It!” These are very common words, but the passion and intensity in how he said them is incredibly moving. Bela truly believed in Kerri. His belief made her believe!

It’s a game changer when a leader gives and shows their belief in others. (more…)

I just returned from an amazing event our team put on this past week. It’s called Exchange, and it’s designed to allow a small group of leaders the opportunity for some up and close time with John Maxwell. For three days we get to hear John teach leadership lessons, and we get to experience unique leadership learning opportunities in the host city. This year the event was in Philadelphia, Pa., and the city has so many great and historic leadership lessons! It was truly amazing to examine the courage and manner in which our forefathers led.

One of my favorite experiences at this event was our visit to the Philadelphia Eagles stadium and the leadership lessons we learned there. Dick Vermeil, who served as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles from 1976 through 1982, taught an awesome lesson on coaching. And guess where he delivered it? In the Eagles locker room! I know what you’re thinking, and no, the locker room didn’t smell like stinky socks!

Coach Vermeil shared so many valuable lessons. Today I want to share four of my takeaways from his talk that I believe are key for all leaders. (more…)