To the Leader Focused on the Five Percent

Oh, those uplifting leaders who never pass up an opportunity to recognize and celebrate every milestone and achievement! For them, encouraging teammates seems to come as naturally as breathing. They have a gift for identifying and highlighting an individual or team’s progress, no matter how small. And if a big project is 95% successful? Then it’s a complete and total success, end of discussion.

Wait, did that last sentence raise an eyebrow? Then you’re probably a leader who focuses on the five percent. (more…)

Everyone needs praise and encouragement, some more than others. Yet, occasionally leaders withhold praise from their team members because they’re afraid of the impact their encouraging words will have! (more…)

Sometimes I wonder if some leaders truly want to see their people succeed. For example, I see leaders delegate a task to a person on their team or an entire team itself, but instead of providing coaching and support along the way, they watch and criticize in how the individual or team goes about completing the task at hand. (more…)