Who is Leaving? Who Are You Attracting?

The people that care the most leave first.

This was a key point in Seth Godin’s recent blog post, “You are not the lowest common denominator,” which references the methodical way that companies (technology companies, in particular) eventually, consistently lower their standards in product innovation and service in order to appeal to a broader audience. (more…)

We all heard the big news last week that Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple’s CEO and that Tim Cook, their former COO, will take over as CEO.

I’m sure a million questions went through all of our heads as we heard the somewhat surprising news. However, I doubt the news was a surprise to Jobs and Apple’s board. It has been widely reported that Jobs had built a very strong bench of leaders who clearly understood his vision.

The news of Jobs’ stepping down should force many of us to think about our own succession plan. While we don’t run or maybe even work in a company as large as Apple, it doesn’t change the fact that we too should have a succession plan in place.

What’s your plan if you should suddenly be unable to lead tomorrow? (more…)

While 2010 approaches its end, it still leaves a legacy that will be remembered by the impact it created. As leaders, our legacy is no different. What we do today will determine our legacy long after we are gone. 

I asked my good friend and colleague, Julie Claggett, to bring our year to a close by writing about legacy. I love her view on this subject. She is not an executive worried about legacy. She’s the beneficiary of legacies that she will choose to either carry on or not. This will be our last post of the year, as I look forward to spending the next week with friends and family. Have a merry Christmas, and we’ll see you back here on Monday, January 3.

I remember it as if it was yesterday: the moment I learned our larger-than-life leader was leaving. My heart sank. My eyes filled with tears.  And for a second or two, I wondered, how could we be what she taught us to be if she was no longer around to be our leader?

A few deep breaths later, I knew we’d be just fine. (more…)