Redefine Perfect

Are you a perfectionist? If so, those feelings could cause you to mistrust the abilities of others. They may even keep you focused on the failures vs. the achieved successes.

I have worked with and coached many highly-driven, high standard teammates. In fact, I am attracted to them; they are my favorite people to lead. I love their spirit, and I’d rather redirect a high-strung maverick than kick a lazy mule in the rear. However, I’ve learned that when I give driven perfectionists leadership responsibilities, I must be committed and consistent with coaching and redirecting their perfectionist quality. (more…)

Ha, well I thought that title might catch your attention! No, it isn’t a typo. Good leaders do make it about themselves from time to time, and they should. The ones who don’t will hinder their leadership influence.

The journey through leadership development includes various glass ceilings. We’ve all hit them. Some of us tap them, re-adjust, and learn how to lift that glass ceiling higher. Some of us hit the ceiling so hard that we about knock ourselves out. It’s called the glass ceiling because we don’t see it coming. When we hit it, we’re confused, and that’s when we make the mistake of deflecting. The most common deflection is highlighting the shortcomings of another teammate or another business. Growing leaders look at themselves first!

So what!

Who cares that someone else did whatever. Stop letting their actions overshadow your growth. Look at yourself and focus on lifting your ceiling. Pointing out the faults of others, holding grudges, or holding teammates back doesn’t raise your ceiling. Regroup and focus on YOU.

We never stop!

Learning is a talent, and it’s a talent that should never stop no matter our age or experience. Overly confident people stop learning. People of ego stop learning. Thinking you’re a good enough leader stops your learning. Learning is listening, not talking. Learning is being observant even in the busyness.

No pain, no gain!

Just this week I thanked two key leaders in our organization for sticking it out. When the going gets tough (and oh yes it will), the great ones see it through. They don’t run from the discomfort, from the hurt feelings of critical growth conversations, from the addition sacrifices that come with leading, from the disappointments, or from the dues that have to be paid. The best ones kept going. That’s why they’re great, and it’s why they can help others through it.

Your growth – and the opportunities and rewards that come with it – is yours to own. What ceiling have you hit, and what can you do to lift it?

Equipping doesn’t happen by accident; it’s intentional. And equipping yourself and your team must be a top priority if you want to develop and grow. As a business leader, I’ve found that developing others with me is critical to sustain the type of growth I want to see in my organization.

But how do we find the time needed to equip ourselves and those around us? Most of us collapse into bed at night exhausted, and we still didn’t accomplish everything we wanted to get done! Here are three “equipping” lessons I’ve learned along my leadership journey. (more…)

Spring is here, and you know what that means…college football season is just around the corner!

Okay, so maybe March Madness is top of mind for most college sports fans right now, but for die-hard Texas fans like me or sold-out Bama fans like my teammate Lynn, football season is never far from our minds. (more…)

For the past six months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with an individual on our team who is being groomed to lead at the next level. For months we’ve been giving this person additional leadership responsibilities without the comfort of a title. Leading without the title has allowed her to focus on influencing and serving teammates instead of being in charge of teammates.

As we discussed the sacrifices and accountability associated with leading, she asked an incredible question:

“How do you know when you’re ready to lead?”

Wow! I loved this question for a lot of reasons but mainly because of what it showed me about the seriousness and respect this person had for the call to lead. I believe leadership is a calling, and when a person is called to something, their commitment and awareness to its importance is heightened.

Here is how I know when someone is ready to lead: (more…)