How We Built A Meaningful and Productive Relationship: Our Unedited Thoughts

I believe we are who we are because of the people God sends in our lives. My character and person are formed from all the people that have influenced me from birth to my “mature” current age. One of the greatest influences in my life is the inspiration behind today’s blog post.

Diane Brown started as my executive assistant four years ago. We finished our “business” season together two months ago, and this weekend she moved back home to Amarillo, Texas. During our tenure together we’ve had many people ask us how we developed such a productive working relationship. That question has always made me grin as I tried to figure it out myself.

So, I decided to dig into it. (more…)

I frequently play golf with my executive assistant, Diane Brown. We make a great team at the office, and our opposing talents complement each other on the golf course, too.  She plays consistently, and I play risky. She hits it down the middle while I take short cuts through the trees. I think my strategy is more exciting, but after 18 holes her score is more exciting!

The other morning I was giving her some “trash talk” about how I was going to beat her in our upcoming game. I kept on and on, thinking I was getting inside her head.  Finally, after hearing all she wanted to hear, she calmly said, “You can’t intimidate consistency.”

BAM! That stopped me in my trash talking tracks. She was right! You can’t intimidate consistency. I couldn’t wait to blog about her powerful statement. (more…)