Are You Weary?

It’s Monday! Hopefully you’re back at the office and feeling refreshed from an exciting or relaxing weekend. But take a moment and think what you have in store for the week ahead. How do you think you will feel by Friday – tired but fulfilled from a challenging and productive week, or just…tired? (more…)

I love finding leadership moments in the simple things. This morning on my way to the office, I came upon a familiar place but not a familiar scene.

I drive by a school intersection every day. Normally there is a police officer present to direct drivers due to the heavy amount of traffic. This morning there was no police officer directing traffic. Hence, we were all winging it. Some drivers politely waved others through. Others barely tapped the brakes before gunning it, regardless of whether it was their turn to go. The result was a traffic jam (pictured above). Cars were backed up in every direction even though there were no more commuters this morning than there are on any other morning!

The only difference this particular morning was that we had no leader providing us with direction. We had no one leading us to make sure we were moving in the direction we were supposed to go. Instead of getting angry, I had to grin, grab my phone, and take a picture. I immediately knew that I wanted to share this leadership experience. Here are three lessons this situation illustrates: (more…)

I’ve enjoyed discussing and living out leadership principals with you this past year. As we head toward the new near, I think it is wise for us to think about the conditions that we’ll be doing business in next year. For example, do you expect to experience a severe decline or incline in sales, or do you expect to just maintain your current sales momentum?  Will you experience change? Will you add new team members or reorganize? And based on those conditions, what expectations do you have for your team, and are they prepared for 2011?

And most importantly, as the leader, are you ready to lead to the conditions that 2011 will bring? (more…)