What Motivates Your Team?

I f you watched the Oklahoma State vs. Baylor football game a week ago Saturday, you might have noticed that the commentators seemed at a loss for words on what to say as the game progressed. Even many OSU fans were surprised that OSU dominated the game the way they did! In the midst of all the commentating and speculating, I did hear one remark that made my ears perk up. (more…)

You were passed over for the promotion. Your boss criticizes your team’s performance. Your company is struggling. Your new marketing program falls flat.

If you’ve been a leader for long, you’ve likely dealt with one of these scenarios or numerous other difficult situations that most leaders will face at one time or another. These situations can put you under extreme stress. They can make your stomach turn. They can even make you want yell, curse, and throw things!

But then you remember – your team is watching. (more…)