Are you a consistent leader?

With Easter upon us I want to share a short yet meaningful message with you. I love learning about the leader that Jesus was while on Earth. I want to reflect on him today because there is no better leader example to learn from. (more…)

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you had to face something difficult in the near future? I’m not talking about an unexpected, tough situation that just sneaks up on you. I’m taking about something you know is approaching. Each day brings that dreaded event closer. And what if this impending situation would include not only excruciating mental pain, but unimaginable physical pain as well? (more…)

Was I worth it? This is such a powerful question. I guess my mind was reflecting on it today because it’s Easter.  I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I want to be “worth it” for Him. I want to make sure that the sacrifices and investment God has made in me pay off in His opinion. I know some day I will stand before Him in Heaven, and I desire to hear Him say, “Sasser… you were worth it!”

It’s that same passion and endless discontent that drives me to ask the same question of those I’ve been blessed to serve and lead. Was I worth it? We all know leadership is temporary. It’s temporary because people come in and out of our lives throughout our career. So while people were in our lives, did we make it worth their time? Was their experience a good one? Did they grow and become more confident because we crossed paths? (more…)