The Difference Between Proud and Pride

When it comes to influencing others, I place a great deal of emphasis on the difference between being prideful and being proud. Here’s how I distinguish between the two.

Prideful leaders…

  • Focus on image
  • Seek the spotlight
  • Avoid admitting weaknesses or mistakes
  • Are too focused on self
  • Let stubbornness prevent growth (more…)

I don’t know anyone who’d say they’d want to work for an insecure leader, but how many of us would admit to struggling with our own insecurities…

  • Insecure in our industry knowledge
  • Insecure in our ability to make the sale
  • Insecure in our performance
  • Insecure in our influence (more…)

Last Sunday evening I was watching the Olympics figure skating team event when Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko stepped onto the ice. Evgeni is known as his country’s greatest male figure skater, and this is his fourth Olympics.

As Evgeni performed, one of the commentators said something that caught my attention. She said that Evgeni Plushenko was so great, he had earned the right to be arrogant. (more…)