4 Reasons to Not Hit “Send”

For many of us, email is our go-to way of connecting with colleagues and customers. In fact, communicating by email is so second-nature to us that there are times when we hit “reply” and then “send” without giving it a second thought. As leaders, it’s important that we be aware of how we’re communicating and whether our chosen channel is the most appropriate for the message we want to send. Though many of us can probably name a few dozen reasons when we should turn to email as our communication tool of choice, here are four reminders of when we shouldn’t.

1. You need to communicate lots of details that will probably require further explanation or the opportunity for people to ask questions. If this is the case, an in-person meeting would probably be best. You can still provide your meeting attendees with a follow-up doc that summarizes your main points, and you’ll eliminate a lengthy email chain of replies and questions if you take the time to address your group in person. (more…)