4 Things Your Team Wants from You

This week I had the joy of meeting a young leader who has done a great job developing her career. If you’ve followed this blog long then you know I love to learn from other leaders when I get the chance, and there is nothing more inspiring than learning from young leaders.

The company this person works for wasn’t always as successful as it is today. Four years ago it was suffering financially and experiencing the agony of workforce layoffs, yet today it is thriving, with multiple locations, the addition of hundreds of employees, and a future of exciting growth.

When I asked what caused the turnaround she answered, “Leadership.” Seriously, I did not set this up! Ha! The company changed many of their leaders. Isn’t it funny how one team of leaders can send a company spiraling, and yet a different team of competent leaders can send it soaring?

My new friend started explaining how the new leaders changed the culture, and her leader in particular was the best mentor she’d ever had. I love hearing about positive experiences, so out popped my next question. “What three qualities does your leader have that make her such a good leader?” (more…)