Make Thankfulness an Everyday Habit

Thankfulness. Why are we so open to encourage and be thankful at Thanksgiving time? Shouldn’t we “give thanks” every day of the year? What if Thanksgiving was every Friday and we ended the workweek by thanking our teammates?  Or what if it was every Monday, and we started the workweek out by giving thanks? Wow! I think this would totally change our mindset and drive positive thinking and expression.  Thanksgiving should be a daily mindset, not just an annual holiday.

Stay with me here! Before you think this is just another Thanksgiving Day blog, know that I was on this kick before the holiday. I work within a lot of companies, and I’ve seen a workforce trend of entitlement growing more and more common. Entitlement is the enemy of thankfulness. After all, why would you be thankful for something owed to you? (more…)

“‘I’m entitled’ or ‘I’m responsible.’
It’s a personal choice/decision that makes all the difference.” – Mark Oakes

These two very different choices in our attitudes and our actions really do make all the difference, especially when it comes to how we lead others.

An Entitlement Mindset

This perspective is all about me. I’ve earned it. I deserve it. I’m owed it. It’s my right. An entitlement leader:

  • Takes privileges
  • Puts self before the team
  • Avoids sacrificing
  • Asks first, “Is it best for me?”
  • Makes excuses
  • Are poor stewards of people, time, and assets

A Responsibility Mindset

This perspective is all about holding ourselves accountable – to our organization and the people we lead. A responsibility leader:

  • Serves the team and the organization
  • Puts team before self
  • Views sacrifice as commitment
  • Asks first, “Is it what’s best for the company?” Then, “Is it what’s best for the team?”
  • Owns the problem
  • Thinks like a business owner, carefully stewarding people, time, and assets

Leadership Gut Check

  • Are there areas in your work life where you have an “entitlement mindset?”
  • What would your teammates say about you –
    are you an entitlement leader or a responsibility leader?
  • How can you become a better responsibility leader?