How We Built A Meaningful and Productive Relationship: Our Unedited Thoughts

I believe we are who we are because of the people God sends in our lives. My character and person are formed from all the people that have influenced me from birth to my “mature” current age. One of the greatest influences in my life is the inspiration behind today’s blog post.

Diane Brown started as my executive assistant four years ago. We finished our “business” season together two months ago, and this weekend she moved back home to Amarillo, Texas. During our tenure together we’ve had many people ask us how we developed such a productive working relationship. That question has always made me grin as I tried to figure it out myself.

So, I decided to dig into it. (more…)

Afew days ago I was honored to have some great conversation over lunch with three women whom I respect very much: Linda Eggers, who is the executive assistant for author and speaker John Maxwell; Cina Gailey who assists Bob Funk, co-founder of Express Employment Professionals; and Diane Brown whom I’m honored to have as my executive assistant.

I wish I could have given these ladies microphones and a stage so people could learn the inside scoop about how to serve their leaders. I loved hearing their stories and insights into how they lead, so I wanted to share a few of our discussion topics and what I learned from our time together. (more…)