What Kind of Leader Are You at Home?

Good food for thought from one of our emerging leaders!

At work, I’m known as the go to person for helping communicate what needs to be shared – both the good and the bad – with fellow employees, customers, and just about any other audience. Such was the case a few weeks ago when a teammate asked me to review an email she had drafted to share her frustration with another teammate. I made the usual tweaks so that the intended message was clear and direct without being harsh and offensive.

When I sent the newly revised email back over, I jokingly remarked that I needed to learn to take this same diplomatic approach with my husband! She replied that if I ever got that mastered, to coach her on that as well. We both laughed.

But our short exchange made me wonder, why don’t I approach all my relationships with the same patience, understanding, and thoughtfulness that I apply at work? (more…)

Balance is always a hot topic regarding the workplace. For many leaders, balance is one of those elusive concepts that they long for but feel they never really achieve. It can be hard to feel any semblance of balance when you dedicate the majority of your workday to serving your teammates and then have little time to left get your own work done.

So, maybe it’s time we reframe the concept of “balance.” For a leader, I don’t believe balance is this magical, always-longed-for-but-never-achieved concept that means you always dedicate adequate and equal time to everything going on in your life – work, family, faith, hobbies, rest and relaxation, and so on. (more…)