5 Tips for Dealing with Unexpected Change

In the past month, I have had a lot of people in my business life hit with the challenge of change. Not the exciting kind of change that we get to control, but the scary uninformed change that was forced into their journey. (more…)

Are you a person of faith who’s trying to figure out how to bring God into your workplace in a more meaningful way? I thought I’d touch on this subject today because I’ve had a week full of wonderful business conversations that included spiritual dialog.

I’ve been a leader in both faith and non-faith based businesses and, for example, I’ve started meetings with prayer in both settings. While the corporate setting is more of a maze to work through (due to HR legal restrictions) it can be a more rewarding environment to show Christ because in the business world your spiritual health isn’t an expected talent that you must have to be successful.

So how do we, as business leaders who are faithful to Christ, balance business and God in our day work life? (more…)