When Unkindness Feels So Easy

“Unkindness feels so easy sometimes.” It was just one simple statement in a much longer article, but wow, how true a statement it is!

Why does unkindness so often feel like the easier option? Why do compassion, forgiveness, and grace feel like such an effort sometimes? And why am I blogging about touchy-feely topics like kindness and compassion on this business leadership blog??? Haha.

Because kindness matters, and it matters no less in business. (more…)

Some leaders have a very small tolerance for below average performance, mistakes, and employees who take a while to get in their groove. Other leaders enjoy helping the stragglers and misfits work through their challenges and find success.

Different jobs and different leaders have different levels of acceptability when it comes to the grace period an employee has to step up and perform to expectations. No one wants to undergo brain surgery with a surgeon who is “still figuring things out!” (more…)