What Frightens You?

With Halloween here and the election upon us I thought fright might be a great topic to dig into today. Everybody is fearful about something. To those of you puffing out your chest right now saying nothing frightens you, you are frightening the rest of us!

Fear is an emotion that can work for us or against us depending on our outlook. It can forge us forward with great determination, and it can paralyze us from any forward movement. Yet, in a weird way, we need some form of scare or fear in our lives. Fear forces us to pay attention and to lean into God, family, friends, teammates, and even our inner self.

So what can we do if we are worried, scared or fearing something ahead of us? (more…)

Happy Halloween! Believe it or not, Halloween and leadership do have something in common…candy! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could choose our leader like we choose our favorite Halloween candy? Sometimes we might lean toward a sweet, soft marshmallow leader or a Laffy Taffy stick-to-you leader, or maybe we’d even prefer a hard, jawbreaker kind of boss.

There are times when we must be all of the above, because as leaders we shouldn’t lead the same way under different conditions. The season of business, the conditions of the game, or the performance of a teammate all dictate what style of leader we need to be. Let’s have some fun with it! (more…)