Finding the Light in the Darkness

Do you have an event or accomplishment that has marked you? Marks define us. Marks of accomplishments, development, tragedy and adversity. Today’s guest post is written by my daughter, Jeri Sasser. She is a senior in high school and wrote the following essay in response to a question asked as part of her college admission requirements. I gleaned so much from it that I thought you would too.

Question: Describe an event or accomplishment that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community or family.

My transition from childhood to adulthood within my family occurred recently with the sudden loss of my older brother, Hank Sasser. My brother has been the cornerstone of my family and made me who I am today. His name was my very first word; he was my best friend and my safe haven. Hank was always there for me, regardless of the circumstances. When things in my life became difficult, he would cheer me up with an impromptu visit or a bouquet of flowers with a note reassuring me of how much he loved me. My brother is the reason I grew up. (more…)

A couple weeks ago I was interviewed by Working Motherhood, and our interview went live this past week. I have to admit I was nervous as I prepared for this conversation. I was going to open up and discuss being a mother and business woman, a topic that I’ve always loved to talk about and have a lot of experience in. However, I knew the interviewer’s questions would demanded answers that were so different from my past answers!

The simplest question, “Tell us about your children?” broke me out into a cold sweat. (more…)

In an effort to “keep it going,” we will resume blogging on leadership this week, and what better topic to start off with than Keep it Going?!

But what does that mean, keep it going? Keep what going? With our loss still fresh in our world, here are my top 10 leader lessons that are helping me keep it going.

  1. Keep moving forward. While situations and challenges harm the path you originally planned to take, it doesn’t mean you stop.
  2. Consider any movement good progress. When faced with challenges, just keep moving. Don’t try to cure it, fix it, or heal it. These things will someday be the result of your steadiness in keeping it going. (more…)

We never dreamed that just a few days after sharing, What Matters Most After You’re Gone, we would so suddenly lose one of our own.

Hank Sasser led quietly.

And the thing about quiet leaders is that we aren’t fully aware of their influence until we are in the midst of their absence.

Oh, how we are hearing from so many about how that quiet and humble spirit made such an impact!

It was an impact that was subtle and unique; one person, one relationship at a time.

We knew that Hank would grow into an amazing leader. What we didn’t realize was the difference he was already making at his young age. 

Hank embodied the best qualities of those who loved him most. His easy-going nature. His friendly smile. His willingness to listen. His eagerness to learn. His quiet influence. His enthusiasm for adventure. His kindness toward others.

Now we resolve to ensure those qualities live on through us. We hope you are inspired to do the same.

We are brokenhearted. But we also know that with God, hope remains.

Hank left this life for Glory on August 23, 2014. He is the middle child of Keven and Linda Sasser, little brother to Katie McCarthy, big brother to Jeri Sasser. His family covets your prayers and their privacy at this time.