4 Signs Truth Reigns in Your Organization

No matter the industry, leaders everywhere desire a culture of honesty. At the same time, followers crave to work in an environment of trust. Why then is this type of culture such a challenge for so many companies?

I don’t think we take this subject seriously enough. Leaders, we must value truth more than anything else! CAUTION: This is easier said than done. When truth presides in an organization, several benefits will result: (more…)

I read an excellent article last week on fastcompany.com on the topic of communication amid uncertainty. It was fascinating! On the topic of uncertainty and the human brain, the authors noted the following:

Given a choice, we’d rather experience an electric shock right now than not know whether we’ll get shocked later. That’s right: Pain is preferable to uncertainty. Our brains seek what scientists have called “cognitive closure,” which motivates us to resolve ambiguous issues in our minds.

Can you believe that pain is preferable to uncertainty? Yet, when you stop and reflect on it, it’s true. Once we know the “bad news,” we can start figuring out how to handle it. It’s the not knowing that’s the killer. Humans need clarity and closure.  (more…)

Have you ever felt like you put yourself out there with someone by being open and honest and vulnerable, only to get nothing in return? (more…)

This week I attended a webinar hosted by Dan Rockwell (Leadership Freak blogger) as he interviewed Stephen M. R. Covey on the crisis of trust. If you attended this learning event, I think you’ll also agree that it was an excellent webinar, and Covey made some great points about trust and leadership. One, in particular, struck a chord with me as he talked about the importance of vulnerability in regards to leadership and in building trust.

He said, “Vulnerability is influence-ability.” Now, that, my friends, is a powerful statement! And what is leadership, again? Influence! So, vulnerability increases our ability to influence (lead) others. (more…)