Four Gets to Not Forget in Adversity

You get what you get, right? We are all ordained, but sometimes it’s confusing to know when and if we are on the right track. No matter where we find ourselves in life, we are there for a reason, and I’m hopeful the reason is worth it. We may not know why today, but I believe in time the reason will show itself. Life is a journey, or life is a highway, as Rascal Flatts claims. Either way, I know that sometimes we get blessings, and other times we get lessons; the lessons are designed to prepare us for future blessings. (more…)

Do you have an event or accomplishment that has marked you? Marks define us. Marks of accomplishments, development, tragedy and adversity. Today’s guest post is written by my daughter, Jeri Sasser. She is a senior in high school and wrote the following essay in response to a question asked as part of her college admission requirements. I gleaned so much from it that I thought you would too.

Question: Describe an event or accomplishment that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community or family.

My transition from childhood to adulthood within my family occurred recently with the sudden loss of my older brother, Hank Sasser. My brother has been the cornerstone of my family and made me who I am today. His name was my very first word; he was my best friend and my safe haven. Hank was always there for me, regardless of the circumstances. When things in my life became difficult, he would cheer me up with an impromptu visit or a bouquet of flowers with a note reassuring me of how much he loved me. My brother is the reason I grew up. (more…)

How do we secure contentment? Is being content a goal? Is it a destination, or is it our journey? Don’t we all want to be content? Is contentment a reaction to good things happening in our lives, and if so, can we be discontent when bad things happen?

As a woman of faith I know that my Heavenly Father desires me to be “content in all circumstances.” Yes, even the bad. Ok, wait. Really? How can we possibly expect to be content during tragedy?

Well, we can. You see, being content doesn’t mean we are satisfied. Being content means we are uncomplainingly accepting on the inside when things on the outside demand otherwise. (more…)

Adversity… the space where God does amazing things in and through us. It’s motivating to me that the word “adversity” starts with “ad.” It makes me realize that when adversity hits us we become an ad, an advertisement, a commercial. What message are we sending when adversity hits us? Are we advertising something others will want to read, want to follow or want to buy into? Or is our message driving others away?


This week I had so many valuable moments of learning that I thought I’d just be simple and share them with you. How you interpret them is up to you and for you. I hope you are encouraged.

Be aware of where you are looking. Hope is always in front. We’ll never find it behind us.

Stop looking and chasing so hard for things in life to happen. Sometimes what we chase runs away: peace, success, relationships. Do what you know is right, and let life come toward you.

Be aware of what and who influences you. If you need to be uplifted, then read and participate in uplifting things. (more…)

Recalibrating your life is not quite as easy as our GPS makes it. Throughout life there will be times when we have to recalibrate because something unexpected happens. Maybe it’s a new career, a new home, a new city, a new car, a new relationship, a new baby added to the family, or the loss of a child.

With the recent loss of our son, Hank, my family and I are in the process of keeping it going. We are trying to create our “new normal.” Sounds kinda weird because I’ve never viewed normal as a desired place to strive for. But a new normal is what we seek, and I’ve come to realize it won’t happen until we welcome a new beginning. Here are just a few of the things we can expect to encounter in the process. (more…)