Giddyup! Getting Out of Your Trail-Riding Rut

Remember when you were a kid and your parents took you to the country or to a mountain town for summer vacation? You probably camped out, rode bikes, sat around the campfire, and went horseback riding.

Here’s what I remember most about going horseback riding: it was very boring unless you were in front. If you were in the middle of the pack your horse’s nose was pressed up close to the butt of the horse in front of him, and you soon realized that you were going to stay in that same order because your horse wasn’t getting off that trail. They were trained to carry you on a trail ride and that is exactly what they did. All. Day. Long.

Can you imagine having that horse’s job day after day? Yet how many of us have fallen into that job trap? We wake up, eat, put on our saddle, put our work on our back, and follow the ruts in the trail. (more…)