Putting the Fun Back In Performance Reviews. (No, Really.)

I realize that what I’m about to say may have you thinking, “Sasser needs to seek immediate professional psychiatric help.” But today I’m going to own up to it and discuss it.

My name is Linda, and I love performance reviews!

I’m sure your first question is, “Why in the world do you like performance reviews so much?”

Well, there are several reasons, but it can probably be summed up in fact that I’ve changed the meaning, mindset, and objective to what performance reviews mean to me and my teammates.

In my performance reviews (PR), I work to get back to the authentic purpose of doing them. I think some company leaders have institutionalized this process to the point that it no longer brings value to the supervisor or the employee. It’s seen as a task that takes up time. It’s used as a way to “document” poor behavior or to “justify” a pay raise. Well, I see it differently. (more…)