Keeping That New Job Hustle

What’s one feature that nearly everyone loves about a new car? The smell! We even call that distinct scent “that new car smell.” It’s hard to describe, but we know it when we smell it! It’s crisp, clean, and fresh. Just the smell alone of a new car makes us work to meticulously keep it neat and clean.

However, after a few months, the newness of that new car slowly wears off. That great clean smell starts to fade along with our persistence in keeping that new car feeling. We quit washing and vacuuming it so often, and we lose our diligence in picking up trash from the floorboard. Over time that new car starts feeling kind of old, and we find ourselves admiring those shiny new cars in dealership parking lots.

It can be the same with jobs, can’t it? When we first start a new job, it’s exciting, and we are very careful to take care of our new position and our projects. We get to work early and finish projects early. We ensure even the tiniest details are correct. We are willing to help wherever we’re needed. We want to do a good job, and we are eager to please our new customers, our new teammates, and our new boss. We’ve got hustle! (more…)