5 Qualities of a True Professional

We know a professional when we see one. Yet, what are the real qualities that differentiate a person as a professional? It certainly doesn’t lie in their title or their job duties because we all know highly professional and unprofessional people at all levels and in diverse fields.

I recently spoke with a client group on the subject of being a professional. Here are the five qualities we discussed that differentiate true professionals from the rest of the pack. (more…)

If you’re like me then you’ve seen the movie Titanic more than once and, last night I found myself watching it again with my daughter, Jeri. It’s one of those movies that even though you know how it ends; you can’t help but keep watching.

While some parts of the movie I’m sure have been embellished, I couldn’t help but notice the many leader similarities that the titanic mishap has in common with challenges we face in business today.

Here are some I connected with: (more…)