Self-Sufficiency Can Be a Hazardous Leadership Trait

Self-sufficiency is something we hold high in our society, and it starts at a young age. As parents, we celebrate each little milestone our children make toward self-sufficiency, from tying their own shoes to getting their driver’s license.

By the time young adults enter the workforce, most realize that being self-sufficient is an admirable trait, for a lot of reasons. We want to appear smart, confident, and capable, so we hide our doubts, avoid asking questions, and conceal any hint of appearing vulnerable.

The problem comes when we become too self-sufficient and place all our trust in ourselves – leaving little room for us to trust or learn from others. (more…)

In my conversations with fellow leaders, I’ve learned that many people struggle with balancing independence and collaboration. Too much one or the other, and our leadership is out of whack!

When we’re too independent, we miss the opportunity to get input and rely on the strengths of our teammates. (more…)