Backward Leadership: From the Outside In

Early on in our careers, each of us has probably worked for an outside-in leader. We’ve all known them. They’re the ones who believe that their position and their power determine their strengths and their abilities as leaders.

They’re the Privilege Takers, those who enjoy reserved, front-row parking spots while fellow employees trudge in from the back lot through the snow. They’re the Supreme Rulers, leaders who equate their employees to servants who should only do what they are told. They’re the Micromanagers, individuals who cannot trust their team to make competent decisions.

The problem is that outside-in leaders are only fooling themselves! (more…)

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting with four leaders who I respect and who reside within the middle of their individual organizations. We were discussing the idea of inside-out leadership.

What’s inside-out leadership? It’s a decision each leader must make to lead from the inside. It’s about leading from the heart and believing that if you’ve got leadership right on the inside, you can’t help but be a better leader for others on the outside. (more…)