What Teams Value Most

I’ve written and spoken on the subject of non-negotiables countess times this past year. It’s a topic we now cover with nearly every team we serve. What’s interesting is the themes that have emerged. Though the teams we work with are vastly different in their industry and their challenges – from retail, to heavy manufacturing, to technology and HR – their non-negotiables almost always include these four common themes: (more…)

If she could just take it back! It was a decision that was made in a split second. Common sense didn’t have time to settle in and the most important element at the time seemed to be just making a decision.

But it was the wrong decision.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you glance back and think, “Seriously?! Did I just do that? Did I really just make that decision, or that comment, or that look?” (more…)

I was going through some old leadership material the other day when I came across an article I had saved by Patrick Lencioni on The Financial Crisis. It was published back in 2008 at the beginning of the housing and banking crisis that shook our economy so badly that we still haven’t fully recovered.

In the article Pat asserts that responsibility of our nation’s financial free fall doesn’t lie at the feet of greedy lenders or lax regulators but rather with board members, executives, and quite frankly, leaders at many levels who knew their companies were making poor or downright irresponsible decisions and failed to stand up and say anything about it. (more…)