Promotions, Privileges, and Temptations

Each new promotion we achieve in our careers presents new opportunities to grow and impact others. It also presents new levels of temptation.

What are the temptations that grow with promotions?

  • Taking long lunches or not eating in the common employee break room areas anymore
  • Routinely arriving to work a few minutes late or cutting out a few minutes early
  • Running personal errands on company time or having a direct report do personal work
    for you
  • Taking credit for the team’s performance
  • Changing bonus structures with your employees to save money
  • Allowing special preferential treatment for favored employees (more…)

“Don’t be the person who, all your life, needs to be ministered to. It’s time for transition – to be the one helping someone else.” – Joyce Meyer

What a great reminder for individuals at all levels of leadership. When we’re surrounded by people who live to serve, it’s easy to remain on the receiving end. We get unintentionally lazy. Take a moment to reflect on your own actions and make the decision to actively serve someone else. Here are a few ideas.

  • Think though possible solutions instead of just pointing out the problem.
  • Find ways to encourage your leader. Those at the top need encouragement too.
  • Clean up the mess or take out the trash, even if it’s someone else’s job.
  • Put your priorities aside for a moment and help someone else get their work done.
  • Set the tone with a positive attitude and a nice word.