9 Actions for Increasing Your Discernment

Discernment: a beautiful gift that can bring value to so many in our wake! But what exactly is discernment?

We’ve all heard leadership experts talk a lot about knowledge and wisdom, but we seldom discuss the value of discernment. I think it’s because it so hard to explain, figure out and teach… if it can even be taught. (more…)

We live in a peculiar society that seems to waiver back and forth between what we feel we’re entitled to and what we believe others must earn. (more…)

Did you know that the man some credit with inventing the radio died penniless? According to Art Cashin in one of his recent issues of “Cashin’s Comments,” in 1902, Nathan B. Stubblefield stood aboard a boat in the Potomac and broadcast his voice to several devices (and about 1,000 onlookers) ashore.


I’m an athlete. I used to apply my athletic abilities on the court, on the field, and in the gym. Today I live out my athletic expertise inside businesses, working with executives and their teams.

If you’ve ever been on a sports team, you probably remember your coach saying, “Practice like you play!” You knew that meant that when you practice you need to do it as if you were playing a real game.

For business purposes, I want to turn this idea upside down. What if we were to play like we practiced instead of practicing like we played? (more…)