Do You Lead Like You’ve Been Led?

This past week I had the opportunity to meet with ten supervisors in a new facility that is planning on bringing on up to one hundred people within the next quarter. My task is to help them create an engaged and positive work environment and to help them build their desired culture from the onset. These supervisors have the unique opportunity to set the foundation for what the culture will be in this facility.

I started off by asking, “Have any of you ever worked for someone who wasn’t a good leader?” Ha! Wow, that quickly created a common connection with everyone. After the room stopped laughing, I had them describe what it was like working for a bad leader. Here’s what I heard: (more…)

I’ve enjoyed discussing and living out leadership principals with you this past year. As we head toward the new near, I think it is wise for us to think about the conditions that we’ll be doing business in next year. For example, do you expect to experience a severe decline or incline in sales, or do you expect to just maintain your current sales momentum?  Will you experience change? Will you add new team members or reorganize? And based on those conditions, what expectations do you have for your team, and are they prepared for 2011?

And most importantly, as the leader, are you ready to lead to the conditions that 2011 will bring? (more…)