We Aren’t Just Raising Kids

I’m definitely not a parenting expert. I haven’t read a lot of books on parenting, and I don’t intentionally speak or write on the subject. But I am a parent, and I’m both honored and respectful of this enormous responsibility.

In my occupation, I get to meet and work with some amazing people. These people lead at all levels within their organizations, and their organizations are in a variety of different of industries.

Because everyone is so unique in his or her style of leadership, I often wonder about the type of environment they were exposed to while growing up. I think our home life is one very important factor that shapes our outlook on leadership and affects our approach to leadership as adults.

This thought prompted me to send an e-mail to my team earlier in the week pointing out that as parents, we aren’t just raising children; we’re raising leaders. So what are our children learning from their surroundings? (more…)

Too much of anything is never good for us. Too much food, too much TV, too much sun, too much wine, too much work, and yes, even too much play. While all of these examples are okay, they each require balance; any of them can be harmful in excess.

The same is true in leading only with your head or your heart. (more…)