Four Gets to Not Forget in Adversity

You get what you get, right? We are all ordained, but sometimes it’s confusing to know when and if we are on the right track. No matter where we find ourselves in life, we are there for a reason, and I’m hopeful the reason is worth it. We may not know why today, but I believe in time the reason will show itself. Life is a journey, or life is a highway, as Rascal Flatts claims. Either way, I know that sometimes we get blessings, and other times we get lessons; the lessons are designed to prepare us for future blessings. (more…)

I’d like to introduce today’s guest blogger, my son-in-law Danny McCarthy. He recently graduated from Officer Candidate School and experienced some great leadership opportunities. Of course, I did what any normal mother-in-law would do and asked him to blog about the leadership lessons he learned while there! (more…)