The Mother-Leader Equation

Happy Mother’s Day week! I know, I know, I’m early for Mother’s Day. But I wanted this to be a Mother’s Day prep week for us! What better way to subtly remind my kids that Mother’s Day in coming up, soon, like next Sunday, May 8. Ha ha.

I am fortunate to have the best of two worlds with my mom. First, I was able to have her involved in the defining stages of my life, including my teenage years, my college years, when I got married and when I became a mother. Second, I’m blessed to know she is now in heaven. While sad to lose her many years ago to cancer, I grin when I think of her. My memories of her bring me such joy! I also know she can see how I am performing here on earth, so that pressure really motivates me to do well and make her proud. I guess most of us never outgrow that desire to make our parents proud.

So how do we know we’ve done a good job being a mother? Is there a scorecard? (more…)