The Top 5 Motherly Habits to NOT Employ at the Office (and 5 You Should)

Happy Mother’s Day for the home – not the office! When I was a young leader, I would occasionally fall into the trap of being “motherly” at the office. After all, I was raising three young children, so it was instinctive for me to be a mom to my employees, too. But hey, that’s not a good habit to develop at the office, for two reasons:

  1. I’m their leader, not their mother.
  2. I doubt anyone really wants his or her mommy at the office.

So let’s have some fun with it and talk about what moms shouldn’t do while leading at the office! (more…)

Happy Mother’s Day week! I know, I know, I’m early for Mother’s Day. But I wanted this to be a Mother’s Day prep week for us! What better way to subtly remind my kids that Mother’s Day in coming up, soon, like next Sunday, May 8. Ha ha.

I am fortunate to have the best of two worlds with my mom. First, I was able to have her involved in the defining stages of my life, including my teenage years, my college years, when I got married and when I became a mother. Second, I’m blessed to know she is now in heaven. While sad to lose her many years ago to cancer, I grin when I think of her. My memories of her bring me such joy! I also know she can see how I am performing here on earth, so that pressure really motivates me to do well and make her proud. I guess most of us never outgrow that desire to make our parents proud.

So how do we know we’ve done a good job being a mother? Is there a scorecard? (more…)