10 Things To Do Instead of Complain

I’ve said before that choosing gratefulness is our organization’s unofficial official theme for 2015. It’s a mindset that my family and I have been intentional about choosing in the aftermath of our loss. But, we shouldn’t wait for a life-altering event to occur before we focus on being grateful.

Gratefulness probably won’t appear on any ranking of “Top leadership traits of successful CEOs” (or COOs, or CFOs, or directors, or managers, or line workers, for that matter). But I’m finding that it is a highly overlooked and undervalued characteristic of successful leaders at every level. (more…)

As I noted in 5 Actions for Leading a Virtual Team, the Impacting Leaders team is comprised of mostly virtual employees. I asked my team to think about the actions they deem to be essential to success as a member of a virtual team. Here’s what they had to share: